A wild heart from a mild town hidden in the shadows of Los Angeles, AAIIAA has always felt drawn to the magic of music. Cultivating her artistic vision and melodic style through training and experience, she  brings a mysterious authenticity to her craft.
AAIIAA has kept her childhood aspirations alive, diving head first into the tumultuous waters of music artistry. Growing up immersed in all genres of music inspired her to work diligently, think creatively, and dream without limits.
The future is quickly moving forward and AAIIAA strives to keep pace. She graduates from The Los Angeles Film School with an Bachelor's Degree in Entertainment Business in spring of 2019. AAIIAA released her first single in the summer of 2018 and her first full length project is in the works for 2019. She is eager to see what magic lies ahead. 





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itsaaiiaainquiries@gmail.com  |  Tel: 310-753-0207

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